Planner Alert!

Planning without action is futile, action without planning is fatal ~Unknown

Greetings! I know, school year has already started. And, you and I have the same predicament. Yes, it’s time management. Time management meaning you have to organize your timetables and scheduled activities accordingly. During college (even high school), there are so many things to do in a day, so you have to multi-tasked every time. The solution for this would be writing it down on a cute, handy notebook (or whatever you prefer to call it). It is never too late to grab your pens and list down all your activities in a planner.

In my search for perfect organizer/planner/journal/notebook, I came up with this choices:  (in no particular order)

Monologue Planner by Grandluxe

It is small enough to fit in a small bag, and sturdy enough to still look good for a year. It features a full-color atlas and an expandable pocket for small items. (P390, Fullybooked)


Twentythirteen Polyprop Planner by Grandluxe

This simple, no-frills planner has waterproof covers which is great especially this time of the year. Rainy days are just around the corner. (P180, Fullybooked)

Twentythirteen Polyprop Planner by Grandluxe

Design Your Life 2013 Planner by C&S Designs

This is more like the planner for someone who really appreciates doodles more than any thing. This design-driven planner features spaces for 3R photos, contacts page, Moolah Tracker and blank doodle pages. (P250C&S Designs)


The Slate 2013 Planner by Planet Slate

If you were one of those artists who need a steady stream of inspiration, then there’s no better place to get it than your planner. The pages are filled with little creative exercises, “life hacks,” film, book and restaurant recommendations to flex the inner muscles of your mind.(P499, Planet Slate)


Filed 2013 Planner by Filed

The whole look of the Filed 2013 planner reminds us of the coloring books we had when we were kids, just begging to be colored. Featuring doodle pages, weekly and monthly views. Also features a mood board, money tracker, vision boards and lifestyle recommendations. (P327, Filed)


Today is A Present Planner by Papelmelroti

This planner is small, simple and sturdy. It fits in most bags and pockets, so it’s easy to carry around. Perfect for daily dose of positive thoughts. The papers are also eco-friendly. (P19.75, Papemelroti)

Today is A Present Planner by Papelmelroti

EsKwelahan Planner 2013 by EsKwelahan Planner

This planner is the ultimate marriage of fun and function for students. This planner is wonderfully illustrated, and aside from monthly and weekly views, it also features fun pick-up lines, funny jokes, games and activities to stave off the school blues! (P350, EsKwelahan Planner)


2013 “______” Witty Diary/Planner by Witty Will Save the World Co.

The idea of this planner is that it becomes more of a diary with hilarious guide questions to write about your day. (P399,Witty Will Save the World Co.)


For some reason, all of this is below P500. Can you imagine that? I hope you’ve chosen the one that fits you perfectly. I got one for myself, too. Oh! It’s a secret which it is, though. 😛

Happy doodling and planning everyone! 🙂